Earth Institute: “Japan should use nuclear power”

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Susquehanna steam electric nuclear power station Susquehanna steam electric nuclear power station

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Jeffrey Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, has stated in an interview with Ryuichi Otsuka, a news researcher for the prominent Japanese news provider Yomiuri Shimbun, that Nuclear Power is an essential part of the solution to climate change.

According to Sachs;

Q: Nuclear power has various risks, but threats of climate change are much more serious?

A: That is exactly right. Climate change’s danger is great. What scientists tell us is that by the end of this century, if we don’t take strong measures, the Earth’s climate will change to be in a condition unlike anything that humanity has ever experienced — with many more extreme events, with much hotter temperatures, with much more frequency of typhoons, droughts, floods and with the risks of very significant rise of sea levels — which…

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India: We will build our own ITER Fusion Reactor

India. Forward thinkers in rational, clean, efficient and reliable energy production.

India. Seeing through and beyond the ideological mess of ‘unreliable’ technology (wind/solar) c/o the politics of “climate change” that is savaging the west.

Watts Up With That?

Tokamak - contributed by Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik to Wikimedia Tokamak – image contributed by Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik to Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Indian government has just given a major boost to domestic nuclear fusion research, by sanctioning the expenditure of Rs 2,500 crore (around $400 million by my calculation) as seed money, to spur interest in fusion research.

According to The Times of India;

India is presently one of the seven partner countries in world’s biggest energy research project – the ITER – that is coming up in Cadarche, France.

“Presently, our contribution as one of the seven partners in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project in France is 10%. The knowledge that we gain will be used to set up our own demonstrator reactors at home. We will begin by setting up an experimental version of the Cadarche ITER reactor in France here,” ITER-India’s project director Shishir Deshpande said here on Monday…

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Experts Say That Buying Oil From ISIS Will Reduce Asthma

Real Science


ScreenHunter_8540 Apr. 12 05.52

Obama timed his announcement to the most recent USGCRP draft assessment on climate change and public health (which is still open to public comment, if any of “comment activists” want to take their skepticism somewhere productive). While it’s not final, the report shows how these connections get made. It starts with epidemiologists identifying a new disease trend—say, asthma cases on the rise. An environmental health specialist might also notice that air quality has been getting worse, and testing shows it’s from an increase in particulate matter, such as soot.

Why Obama Said Global Warming Gave His Daughter Asthma | WIRED

On the other hand, one might note that the trend of journalists making up completely fake statistics and garbage logic to support politically motivated junk science, has skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, climatologists have been tracking a rise in local temperatures, and noticing more wild fires. Eventually, the various lines of research…

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NCDC US Temperature Fraud Update

Real Science

Thermometers show that the US has been cooling for 80 years, since the very hot years of the 1930’s

ScreenHunter_8536 Apr. 12 05.12

This cooling trend is unacceptable for their theory, funding and political needs, so NCDC simply alters the data to make it look like the US is warming.

ScreenHunter_8537 Apr. 12 05.13

The animation below flashed between measured and reported temperature


They accomplish this transformation using a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering, which has skyrocketed since 1980, and is approaching two degrees.

ScreenHunter_8531 Apr. 12 05.02

Most of this post-1980 hockey stick appears to be due to loss of rural station data. They use an algorithm where missing temperatures are filled in with temperatures from other stations in the same general geographic area. The missing data is marked in their data set with an ‘E’

ScreenHunter_8539 Apr. 12 05.44

In 1980, around 5% of their data was marked with an ‘E’. Now it is over 40%. Most of the missing data is from cooler rural stations, which…

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