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Satellites show that the troposphere hasn’t warmed for almost 20 years

ScreenHunter_8055 Mar. 21 16.40

Satellites show that the amount of Arctic ice hasn’t changed for 10 years

iphone.anomaly.arctic (3)

Satellites show that global sea ice has been hovering around normal for several years.

There is five times as much ice on the Great Lakes as there was during the Ice Age scare of 1973


The US is experiencing a record lull in hurricanes and tornadoes. The frequency of hot days in the US has plummeted over the past 80 years.

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Sea level is rising at the same rate it was 100 years ago.

There is no climate crisis. It is propaganda being pushed by criminals, which is why they are so desperate to silence skeptics.

Some of these criminals pose as scientists. Others pose as members of religious organizations. Others pose as politicians or governmental organizations. Others pose as “green energy providers.” Others pose as environmental organizations.

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