Reality Is An “Industry Talking Point”

Real Science

During cold nights homeless shelters fill up with people who can’t afford fuels to keep warm. They flock to locations powered by fossil fuels, in order to stay alive. Progressives want to put everyone in that same boat, dependent on government shelter to stay alive.

Thank God for fossil fuels which keep us warm, happy, independent and healthy. Progressives can’t stand people being warm, happy, independent  and healthy, so they think up a million mindless excuses to hurt other people – like “global warming”

Progressives call this an “industry talking point.”  They say that climate skeptics are keeping them from developing imaginary green energy via some magical witchcraft.

The reality is that progressives can’t do anything constructive , and won’t do anything constructive – because they are just another hate group. And global warming provides them another excuse to hate the productive people of the world, while pretending to be concerned…

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