NCDC Daily Climate Fraud

Children aren’t going to know what their satellites say anymore.

Satellites are now just a thing of the past …

Real Science

The daily dose of NCDC lies continues.

ScreenHunter_8014 Mar. 19 10.42Winter was world record warmest – CBS News

NCDC accomplished this by making up fake data for more than 50% of the land surface. They had almost no data from Antarctica, Greenland or Africa, and simply made up an imaginary surface temperature.

201412-201502 (1)

201412-201502.gif (990×765)

Satellites have much better coverage, and show that this past winter was only sixth warmest, nowhere near as warm as 1998, and on a decade long cooling trend.

ScreenHunter_8016 Mar. 19 10.43

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More Spectacular Lies From The Guardian

Real Science

Florida is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, as 80% of the state’s residents live or work near the coasts and hurricane damage has caused billions of dollars in damage since 2005.

Florida employee ‘punished for using phrase climate change’ | Environment | The Guardian

Florida hasn’t been hit by  a hurricane since 2005. The longest hurricane-free period on record for the state.

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