Engineers Have No Tolerance For Bullshit

NB, “Academic peer-review is the exact opposite. Academics are rewarded for scratching each other on the back, and not finding bugs.

Climate science is a farce. These people have no idea what they are doing. If they were engineers, nothing would work.”

Real Science

Odds are you have a very fast Intel microprocessor in your computer. One of the main reasons Intel processors are so fast is because they have a very fast bus, called the QPI bus – which handles all the communication between the CPU and the rest of the system.

I was on the original QPI design team at Intel in Fort Collins, CO. My job was to flush out every last bug in the design of the QPI bus. I couldn’t afford to put up with egos or incompetence, and filed hundreds of bugs against designers. They all got fixed and the QPI bus is now what gives Intel their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

When  academic climate hacks attack me with their their elementary school failing mathematics and anti-science superstitions, it makes me laugh even harder. They know they would get destroyed in a debate with me, and that…

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