Change you can believe in! Aussie government ditches the entire board of the CSIRO

Watts Up With That?

csiro-logoDoes not rehire any previous board level appointees

Story submitted by Eric Worrall

The Australian government has decided to not renew any of the management board of the Australian CSIRO. Naturally, outgoing board members are not very happy with the decision. According to Simon McKeon, outgoing chairman of the CSIRO;

“There appears to be a “brutal” rule that directors of federal government agencies appointed under Labor will not get another term, the outgoing CSIRO chairman Simon McKeon has said.
“The reality is that, yes, there is a rule that no one on the board of a federal government agency has been reappointed,” McKeon said when asked about the Labor board appointees at an Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) function on Thursday. “It’s an issue that many people are finding worrying.”
McKeon, whose term as the CSIRO chairman ends in June, said it was not about him.
“The great majority…

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The Can’t Find The Missing Water, And It Is A Travesty That They Can’t

No acceleration of the ‘rate’ of sea level rise since 1850 either…

Real Science

Experts say that Antarctic melt has doubled over the past five years.

ScreenHunter_23 Mar. 08 14.28Antarctic Ice Melt Rate Has Doubled Since 2010, Study Finds

The water must be hiding at the bottom of the sea, because sea level rise rates were faster prior to 2008

ScreenHunter_21 Mar. 08 14.03

CU Sea Level Research Group | University of Colorado

One thing $29 billion peer-reviewed climate science never does is double check their propaganda. There is too much money at stake to tell the truth.

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