Shock News : Rapid Global Warming Occurred When CO2 Was Below 200 ppm

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This happened just 20,000 years ago, and caused sea level to rise by 300 feet. Americans were devastated that they could no longer ride their camels to Russia across the Bering Strait. Chicagoans and New Yorkers lamented the loss of their mile thick glacier.

Apparently we need to take CO2 all the way down to 0 ppm.

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How To Get A Job At The Huffington Post

Real Science

Simply prove you are an idiot.

Disbelievers of Global Warming Cannot Dispute This

You’ll see no more dramatic evidence of the effects of climate change than is clearly visible in the film Chasing Ice, produced and directed by Jeff Orlowski.It tells the compelling story of Jim Balog’s five-year journey to record in time-lapse photography the disappearing glaciers on multiple continents.

My husband and I have been hiking glaciers for almost 30 years in Canada, Alaska, and Patagonia, particularly along the Columbia Ice fields in Canada and Alaska, in Glacier National Park in the US , and the National Glacier Park in Chile. We have witnessed first-hand the melting away of these magnificent glaciers, particularly in the past dozen years. We are returning in December to Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina and we are curious to see if we will experience the same shocking disappearance of these magnificent water sheds frozen over thousands of years.

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Settled Religion

Real Science

Last week, the paedophile head of the IPCC announced that climate change is a religion


Today, the head of the EPA said climate change is not a religion.

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  1. Repent of your carbon sins
  2. Have faith in the one true greenhouse gas
  3. Pay your carbon absolution
  4. Deniers face eternal hellfire
  5. A great flood will come unless all believe in CO2
  6. Disease famine pestilence and war face all, as long as doubters remain among us.

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