A Global Epidemic Of Data Tampering At The US Government

Real Science

Satellites show us that there has been little or no warming over the past 19 years on this planet. Something has changed though – the published historical temperature records from NASA and NOAA. The planet is not warming, but NASA and NOAA are rewriting history to create the appearance of warming.

The published NASA global temperature graph has changed dramatically since 2002


Since 1999, they have completely rewritten US history to turn a long term cooling trend into a warming trend. The animation shows the published NASA US temperature graphs from 1999 and 2014


NASA has dramatically altered their own graphs from Iceland since 2012.


The next graph shows the divergence of NASA Reykjavik temperatures from those published by the Icelandic Met Office. The NASA data is from the same thermometer, and the divergence is due entirely to data tampering by NOAA and NASA

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They have done the same…

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