NCDC Data Fabrication Is Skewed Towards Warming

Real Science

NCDC publishes lots of bright red maps like this one, where most of the surface temperatures are fake.

201412 (4)

The animation below flashes between the measured and reported data. In December, 2014 they turned Saudi Arabia red hot without a single thermometer reading in the country, despite the fact that most of the measured data in the region was below normal.


Satellite data showed that most of Saudi Arabia was cooler than normal in December

ch_tlt_2014_12_anom_v03_3 (1)

ScreenHunter_6755 Feb. 04 07.33

NCDC creates fake temperatures for the majority of the land surface using an algorithm which skews temperatures upwards, then reports a record temperature by 0.02 degrees.


Scientific malfeasance doesn’t get much worse than this.

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