Spectacular Climate Fraud From The White House

At least John and Barry got the cherry-red banner correct.

The rest is what it is…..Soviet style propaganda on steroids.

Real Science

This White House document is a textbook example of Soviet style propaganda

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Lets look at this one claim at a time

U.S. average temperature has risen more than 2ºF over the past 50 years and is projected to rise more in the future; how much more depends primarily on the amount of heat-trapping gases emitted globally and how sensitive the climate is to those emissions.

They cherry-picked a start point at a local minimum. There has been no net change over the past century.

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The reason why they expect temperatures to increase as CO2 increases, is because they are tampering with the data in proportion with atmospheric CO2. It is 100% fraudulent self-fulfilling prophesy.

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The amount of rain falling in the heaviest downpours has increased approximately  20 percent on average in the past century, and this trend is very likely to  continue

This is complete BS. Heavy precipitation events were…

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