Gavin’s Fastest Warming Place On Earth Is Almost Completely Fake

Real Science

Gavin created the fastest warming place on Earth in the Arctic, primarily with imaginary data. Note that the 2-4C warming red area inside the oval is almost entirely fabricated from gray “missing data”


1200 km Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

250 km : Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

If we look closer at 250 km plot, we can see that regions of the 2-4C area were actually measured as blue – meaning they were cooling, not warming

ScreenHunter_6416 Jan. 25 08.54

Same thing in the Eastern Arctic

ScreenHunter_6417 Jan. 25 08.59

So basically, Gavin and Tom make up fake raw +4C data, extrapolate it out into regions which have no data, ignore the cooling regions, and report to the press a record temperature by 0.02 degrees.

The reason why NASA/NCDC surface data doesn’t match satellite data, is because their surface data is fraudulent

ScreenHunter_6412 Jan. 25 08.05

Can science get any worse than this?

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