One Year Since The New York Times Announced The End Of Snow

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I was floored by how much snow had already disappeared from the planet, not to mention how much was predicted to melt in my lifetime

The End of Snow? –

Winter snow cover has soared to record levels over the past decade. As always, the New York Times is lying – and saying the exact opposite of the truth.

nhland_season1 (4)

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

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Shock News : It Snows When It Is Cold

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The usual group of government funded criminals are out in force tonight, claiming that an overheated atmosphere is causing the snow.

As always, they are lying. New England is having one of their coldest winters on record.

YearTDeptNRCC (1)

US Winter temperatures have been plummeting since 1998

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North American winter snow cover has simultaneously increased to record levels

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Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Not surprisingly, winter snow cover correlates well with winter temperature. During colder winters, the snow line moves further south. During warmer winters, the snow line moves further north.

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The reason why we are having snowier winters, is because they are getting colder. Any four year old could have figured this out, but not a climate expert or a progressive.

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Gavin’s Fastest Warming Place On Earth Is Almost Completely Fake

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Gavin created the fastest warming place on Earth in the Arctic, primarily with imaginary data. Note that the 2-4C warming red area inside the oval is almost entirely fabricated from gray “missing data”


1200 km Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

250 km : Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

If we look closer at 250 km plot, we can see that regions of the 2-4C area were actually measured as blue – meaning they were cooling, not warming

ScreenHunter_6416 Jan. 25 08.54

Same thing in the Eastern Arctic

ScreenHunter_6417 Jan. 25 08.59

So basically, Gavin and Tom make up fake raw +4C data, extrapolate it out into regions which have no data, ignore the cooling regions, and report to the press a record temperature by 0.02 degrees.

The reason why NASA/NCDC surface data doesn’t match satellite data, is because their surface data is fraudulent

ScreenHunter_6412 Jan. 25 08.05

Can science get any worse than this?

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