Europe’s Hottest Year Ever Wasn’t Hot

Real Science

The fraudsters at The Guardian claim that this was Europe’s hottest year ever, due to “greenhouse gas emissions.”  Only problem is – it wasn’t hot this year in Europe.

ScreenHunter_5273 Dec. 17 22.29Europe’s record hot year made at least 35 times more likely by climate change, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian

The average maximum temperature in France this summer was just above average, and the frequency of hot days was below average.

ScreenHunter_5271 Dec. 17 22.25ScreenHunter_5272 Dec. 17 22.28

The morons at the Guardian live in Europe. They didn’t notice that it wasn’t hot? Perhaps they consider mild winter temperatures to be “hot.”

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Latest From The Fraudsters At NOAA

Real Science

Check out the latest from the crooks at NOAA

ScreenHunter_5270 Dec. 17 21.22

Instead of talking about the return to just below the post-1979 mean, they spin an event from last summer.

But it is much worse than it seems. NOAA claims that the satellite record began in 1979, but IPCC FAR and SAR said that NOAA has satellite data back to 1973 – when extent was much lower than 1979.

ScreenHunter_5269 Dec. 17 21.19

These dishonest government agencies are a cancer on our nation.

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