Peter Gleick Continues His Criminal Activity In California

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Here’s How San Francisco is Bracing for Sea Level Rise
Estimated to Impact $48 Billion in Assets
October 24, 2014

San Francisco’s Capital Planning Committee (CPC) has adopted what is being called the most comprehensive guidelines in the nation for preparing for the impacts of sea level rise on a city’s infrastructure.

“This is the first time that I’ve seen a city really actively assessing the risks to new public investments,” Jessica Grannis of Georgetown’s Climate Center told VICE News.

The guidelines assume sea level rise of 11 inches, plus or minus 4 inches, by 2050and as much as 66 inches by 2100.

With roughly seven million people living in the San Francisco Bay Area, the potential for displacement and damage to business and ecosystems is enormous. The Pacific Institute, a think-tank focusing on sustainable development, estimates $48 billion of assets could be impacted in San Francisco alone.

“Over the next…

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Hurricanes Set A New Milestone

Extreme weather.

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Today marks nine years without a major hurricane (111+ MPH winds) strike in the US, and nine years without a hurricane strike in Florida. Both are records.

During the 19th century Florida averaged more than one hurricane per year, but that number has dropped in half.


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