Global Warming And Global Cooling Have Identical Symptoms

drought/flood + cold/hot = Severe mann-made climate change.

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According to crack government scientists, the symptoms of global warming and global cooling are identical

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Global cooling had exactly the same effect. The science is settled

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More Reasons Why BOM Pretends They Don’t Know What The Temperature Was Before 1910

2012 Joe Romm Laugher : “winters just aren’t as cold as they were in the past.”

Useful idiots spreading climate BS.

Real Science

Americans Get It: Global Warming Is Poisoning Our Weather

MARCH 2, 2012

Killer tornadoes are marking the transition from a freakishly warm winter into yet another freakishly dangerous spring.

A male senior citizen from Illinois, who feels that there is solid evidence of global warming, said that the primary reason that led him to this conclusion was “winters just aren’t as cold as they were in the past.”

Americans Get It: Global Warming Is Poisoning Our Weather | ThinkProgress

Winter temperatures in Illinois have been declining for a century, with last winter second coldest on record. Five of the last seven winters in Illinois have been below average temperature.

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The 2012 tornado season was the quietest on record, until it was beaten by 2013

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Later that year, McKibben blamed the lack of storms on global warming.

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Twitter / billmckibben: endlessly weird weather: drought …


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Getting Rid Of That Nasty 1940s Blip

Real Science

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 Sometimes when you are saving the planet, you just have to knock 2.1° C off of the 1940 temperature.


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