A Tale Of Two BOM Airports

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The airport at Canberra shows 1.3C/century warming since 1955, while the airport at Broome shows no warming during the same period.

ScreenHunter_3385 Oct. 06 06.19

The Broome thermometer is a well sited thermometer, far away from any asphalt.

ScreenHunter_3380 Oct. 06 06.04 ScreenHunter_3388 Oct. 06 06.35

By contrast, the Canberra thermometer is located next to a huge mass of asphalt and concrete. Experts at the BOM say that the warming is due to 0.0001 mole fraction CO2 added to the atmosphere over the past 100 years.

ScreenHunter_3359 Oct. 05 12.11

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In 1992, Mark Serreze Was A Hockey Stick/Global Warming Denier

Good find. Wonder if Mark is as aware of his own B$ ?

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screenhunter_28-mar-12-00-174dd4 Denver Post: Archive Results

His science has since descended into a death spiral.

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1970 : Climate Experts Were Busy Trying To Scare Children About The Coming Ice Age

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ScreenHunter_3401 Oct. 06 21.56 The News and Courier – Google News Archive Search

That was before they got paid to scare children about global warming.

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