Melbourne Asphalt Was The Hottest Ever

Real Science

Temperatures at the Melbourne Regional Office were hottest ever this past year, with their thermometer located five feet away from the asphalt of Victoria street

ScreenHunter_3270 Oct. 03 04.54

ScreenHunter_3266 Oct. 03 04.30

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It Is All UHI In NSW

Real Science

Sydney’s temperature record is just about as corrupted as it get, located adjacent to 21 lanes of asphalt and many buildings. It shows about 2C warming since the 1890s.

ScreenHunter_3274 Oct. 03 05.07ScreenHunter_3280 Oct. 03 05.37

But if we move on up the coast to Newcastle Nobbys – which has one of the longest continuous temperature records in Australia , we see a completely different story. There has actually been no warming since the 1850’s at a station uncorrupted by UHI

ScreenHunter_3275 Oct. 03 05.19ScreenHunter_3276 Oct. 03 05.20

ScreenHunter_3279 Oct. 03 05.34

It is quite likely that all claimed warming in New South Wales is due to UHI effects.

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Today’s Biggest Lie From The New York Times

Real Science

Droughts appear to be intensifying over much of the West and Southwest as a result of global warming. Over the past decade, droughts in some regions have rivaled the epic dry spells of the 1930s and 1950s. About 33 percent of the contiguous United States was in at least a moderate drought as of September 2.

Mapping the Spread of Drought Across the U.S. –

Complete bullshit. Only about 10% of the US is experiencing drought (i.e. less than normal) and the droughts are nothing like the 1930’s and 1950’s


pdi20140927-pg.gif (650×534)

Compare the current map above with 1934 and 1956

ScreenHunter_3260 Oct. 03 00.04ScreenHunter_3261 Oct. 03 00.05

As always, the New York Times is lying to their readers about climate. They are a propaganda branch of the White House, not a news organization.

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