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One of the most damning bits of evidence against the climate fraudsters is how they have changed their story.

A few years ago it was all about feedbacks, declining sea ice, atmospheric warming, polar amplification, warm winters and declining snowfall.

Now they claim they predicted their failures all along, declare every weather event to be unprecedented, and claim that CO2 somehow heats the depths of the ocean where temperatures can’t be measured.

Unbelievable that the press and White House support these crooks.

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The stark reality of green tech’s solar and wind contribution to world energy

Via Bjørn Lomborg :

Many climate campaigners like to point out that renewables are getting so cheap that they can compete with fossil fuels.

Except they keep needing subsidies (because wind turbines can only compete when the wind’s blowing).

Australia is a good example. The government is thinking about scrapping the huge subsidies, and even before it is announced, the renewable energy industry grinds to a halt, as Sydney Morning Herald tells us.

Tellingly, they say that reductions could “potentially affect the viability of even existing investments.”

Watts Up With That?

Summed in in one graph that says it all.

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