NASA Hacking Australia

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Jennifer Marohasy dug up a 1952 CSIRO paper, which shows sharp Australian cooling from the hot 1890s to the 1920s. I overlaid the GISS average summer temperature 10 year ending mean for Alice Springs, on the equivalent CSIRO maximum temperature graph for Alice Springs.

The comparison isn’t perfect (average temperature vs. maximum) but it does show how NASA has dramatically cooled Australia’s pre-1930 past, and have in fact turned a 1910-1925 cooling trend into a warming trend.

ScreenHunter_1062 Jul. 17 21.19


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

We know that the raw Alice Springs data was correct, because many other stations showed the same 1910-1925 cooling – which NASA has erased. Once again, NASA is destroying temperature records to suit a political agenda.

ScreenHunter_1058 Jul. 17 21.02

This is what NASA did to Alice Springs between GISS V2 and GISS V3


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1896 – An Incredibly Hot Summer In Both Hemispheres

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The year 1896 brought record heat to both hemispheres, with CO2 below 300 PPM. Interesting how climatologists pretend this didn’t happen, and in fact NASA has largely erased it from the temperature record.

The summer of 1896 was the hottest on record in Arizona

ScreenHunter_1077 Jul. 18 06.59

The heat covered the US, and caused “terrible mortality” in Chicago

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People dropped dead from the heat in London


January, 1896 was by far the hottest month is Australian history.

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ScreenHunter_1078 Jul. 18 07.11

Some places reached 130 degrees.

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Parrots dropped dead out of trees.

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The heat killed millions of rabbits


Temperatures in Australia plummeted over the next 50 years, as CO2 began to rise.

ScreenHunter_1058 Jul. 17 21.02

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