Video Of My ICCC Presentation

A simple, calm and considered presentation by Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard) of how climate temperature records have been vandalised by the gate keepers of historical records – government climate ‘scientists’ …

It’s fine to push an agenda, but it’s a scandal of science-fraud proportions to deceive the world into “climate action” with blatant temperature distortions, none of which bear any semblance to reported and sat recorded data.

Real Science

Here is a link to my presentation yesterday. It unfortunately started with a few technical problems. The slides didn’t get projected until I was several minutes into the presentation, the clicker didn’t work and the platform was at a very oblique angle to the screen, so small text wasn’t readable from the podium. Unfortunately this cost about 4 minutes of my 13 minute allotment and I wasn’t able to complete the presentation, but by minute 8 of the video I had figured out how to work with the setup and it went smoothly after that.

The other speeches by Russell Cook and Marc Morano were excellent, and a very good Q&A at minute 50 which is well worth watching.

Breakout Room #3, Breakout Room #3 HeartlandInstitute on USTREAM. Conference

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