1995 IPCC Report Showed That Hurricanes Are Getting Weaker

NOAA Says That People In The 1940’s Weren’t Smart Enough To Read A Thermometer

Making a mockery of “21st Century Climate Science(ists)” Nice work Tony. Keep it coming.

Real Science

NOAA believes that scientists in the 1940s just weren’t smart enough to read a thermometer properly, and that Tom Karl knows better what the temperatures were in the 1940’s, than the people who lived at that time.

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The Price Tag Of Renewables, Part 2

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Anthony has posted a story about a laughable analysis of the cost of propping up renewables through subsidies. And long-time WUWT contributor KD helpfully pointed me to the document itself. Now that I have the actual document, here’s what they say about subsidies (all emphasis mine).

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