Looking Back On Some UCS Lies From 2007

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How much misinformation can the Union of Concerned Scientists pack into one report?

Report Warns of a Much Warmer Northeast

By Marc Kaufman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, July 12, 2007

People in Philadelphia would swelter through as many as 30 days with temperatures higher than 100 degrees each summer.The Northeastern ski industry, except for western Maine, would probably go out of business. And spruce and hemlock forests — as well as songbirds such as the Baltimore oriole — would all but disappear from New Jersey to the Canadian border.

These are among the conclusions of a two-year study by the public interest group Union of Concerned Scientists on the effects of global warming in the Northeast if current greenhouse gas emission patterns worldwide continue unabated. Winters would be on average 8 to 12 degrees higher by the end of the century, and summers 6 to 14 degrees higher.


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Where Is It Supposed To Go?

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Many trillions of tons of snow fall on Antarctica and Greenland every winter. All of that has to return to the sea.

Alarmists stand at the terminus of glaciers, take pictures of glaciers calving – and then publish them in order to get their useful idiots in the press hysterical.

What do these geniuses think the snow is supposed to do? Pile up into the stratosphere?

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Revulsion And Anger At Good News

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Climate alarmists simply can’t stand any good news like no warming for 18 years or global sea ice above normal for the last two years. They get very angry when presented with any good news, and have all sorts of defense mechanisms to block any good news out.

This is because their concern has nothing to do with climate, but rather their personal agenda which depends on others being neurotic about “climate change.”

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10 Jan 1871 – IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. (Pall Mall Gazette.)

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1912 Shock News : Your SUV Had Already Ruined The Climate

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West Gippsland Gazette  19 March 1912



By C. Le Lacy Evans, in the”Daily Mail.”

For many years back we have witnessed a noticeable climatic change in   our winters in England, Scotland, and Northern Europe generally, together with reports of a similar character from America. As an instance of the former, during the present December a rare variety of  spring sights and sounds are reported.   With the thermometer often up to 50 deg., “partridges had practically commenced to pair” and “the rooks were busy repairing their old nests.” Fresh and succulent grass has grown as in spring, and cattle have been turned out.  “to enjoy both the weather and the food.” A second group of flies are seen here and there, and often a cloud of gnats may be witnessed doing their vertical war-dance, while in more than one instance the bees—water scouts— have been busy. To the gardener these observations are unnecessary—he sees the facts daily. In…

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1903 Shock News : Climate Change Occurred Before The SUV Was Invented