Terence Corcoran: The cost of climate change alarmism

There is an Agenda Behind the Global Warming Scam!

Climate Warning to be Removed from Aussie Driving Handbook

Watts Up With That?

Climate_change_road_signWhile Al Gore brings his trademark ‘Gore Effect’ to Canberra, it seems some of the most ridiculous climate edicts of the KRudd/Gillard administrations are being purged.

Eric Worrall writes:

A bizarre warning to Australian learner drivers, in the official State of New South Wales Government handbook, which says that climate change could cause dangerous road conditions due to heatwaves, storms, flooding and bushfires, is set to be removed.

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No, You Can’t Just Change The Data

Real Science

Every year the past gets colder, and the present gets warmer. NASA and NOAA post no disclaimers saying that they are doing this. They simply alter the data to produce a steeper warming trend every year.

When called out on it, they say that the problem with their repeated data tampering in the dark of the night, is my “faulty analysis”  Apparently they think I traveled back in time and changed their graphs.

Every single graph needs to be plainly marked that they have reversed the 80 year trend from cooling to warming.

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