Can We Save The San Francisco Airport?

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Anthony Watts reported yesterday that Jerry Brown is worried about LAX drowning, as it is only 125 feet above sea level. But what about SFO, which is only 10 feet or so above the Bay? At current rates of sea level rise, SFO will be underwater in only infinity years.

ScreenHunter_23 May. 15 06.43

Data and Station Information for ALAMEDA (NAVAL AIR STATION)

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Satellites Or Surface Data?

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Climate scientists choose to use whatever data brings in funding.

With temperature, they use UHI contaminated tampered surface data – and ignore much more accurate satellite data which shows no warming.

With sea level, they use tampered satellite data – and ignore surface data which shows no change in trend.

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Measuring Greenhouse Gas Warming Of The Atmosphere

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Satellite data provides continuous high resolution temperature information across almost all regions of the Earth, and across all the layers of the atmosphere.

By contrast, surface data provides spotty low-resolution data which is UHI contaminated, tampered with, and scientists say suffers severely from time of observation bias.

Scientists of course choose to use the meaningless surface data, because the satellite data doesn’t show any warming.

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Never mind that NASA says the satellite data is more accurate. Funding is the important thing.


01 Apr 1990 – EARTHWEEK: A DIARY OF THE PLANET Global Warming

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Understanding How To Make Up Fake Data For NASA

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Gavin made up a fake 4-8 degree April anomaly across a region of Siberia and the Arctic where he had no data. Note the green circle.

ScreenHunter_31 May. 15 08.52

Now compare vs. the green circle in satellite data, which was actually measured. Gavin missed by 4-8 degrees in that region, and thus was able to declare that April was 2nd hottest ever.

ScreenHunter_32 May. 15 08.52

It doesn’t take a very large area of fake +8 anomaly to bump global temperatures up by 0.3C.

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