IPCC Links Hurricanes To Temperature

Real Science

According to NASA, the 1880’s was the coldest decade on record in the US.

Fig.D (5)

During that decade, the US was hit by 25 hurricanes, including 5 major hurricanes – one of which wiped Indianola, Texas off the map.

One could conclude that experts who link hurricanes to warming are :

  1. Incompetent
  2. Criminal
  3. All of the above

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10 Things The Archbishop Needs To Know About Climate Change


By Paul Homewood



The former Archbishop of Canterbury, in his new capacity as chairman of Christian Aid, has weighed in a subject, that he appears to know precisely zip all about. The Telegraph report:

Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, has attacked Western lifestyles for causing climate change that is “pushing the environment towards crisis”.

Writing in the Telegraph, Dr Williams says that the “appalling” floods and storms that devastated parts of Britain this winter were a demonstration of “what we can expect” in the future.

He also takes a sideswipe at climate change sceptics.

The floods in Britain and weather-related “catastrophes” in the poorest countries on Earth, he insists, are the clearest indications yet that predictions of “accelerated warming of the Earth” caused by “the uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels … are coming true”.

His plea to combat global warming by reducing consumption of fossil…

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How The Big Lie Is Being Constructed

Real Science

There are two key components to the big climate lie.

  1. Tampering with temperature data
  2. Lying about climate history. The goal is to convince people that the climate is “getting worse” and that it will continue to “get worse.

Climate change politics is straight out of the worst annals of human history, back to the days of burning witches for cooking the weather. Who could have imagined this would happen in the 21st century?

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