Arctic Sea Ice Extent Nearing Peak For The Past Decade

Back To The 16th Century

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Greg Laden is trying to return to 16th century witch burning days with his psychotic, dishonest rantings about the weather.

Are the climate science deniers criminals?

Posted by Greg Laden on March 16, 2014

Our future is at risk. The science is settled, in the main, though there are many details to continue to work out and there are unknowns. But no one doubts that business as usual release of fossil carbon into the atmosphere mainly as the greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide spells big trouble for humanity and the planet Earth, including eventual massive sea level rise and highly disruptive changes in the Earth’s climatology that will make a mess of many things including our food supply. Think failed state. Think Syria. Now, think failed planet, Syria over half the globe, the other half merely a mess. That’s what we are heading for.

Are the climate science deniers criminals?…

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As Expected, Tamino Censored My Comment

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Tamino attacked me, then censored my comment pointing out why his analysis was fatally flawed. Typical alarmist scum.

ScreenHunter_665 Mar. 15 23.32

New Mexico Snow | Open Mind

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They Are Getting Nuttier By The Day

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The latest trend for the AGW faithful is to refuse to believe old newspaper stories, insisting that they can only trust the sacred peer-reviewed scriptures of the prophets Mann and Hansen.

The religion is becoming complete, with sin, guilt, penance, tithes, offerings, fasting, self-deprivation, righteous anger, sacrifice, and now the sacred scriptures.

Total whack jobs.

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Despicable climate ugliness courtesy of Lawrence Torcello – assistant professor of philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology

Watts Up With That?

While the Anti Defamation League turns a blind eye to their own home grown hypocrisy and ugliness, Lawrence Torcello comes up with even more.

From his RIT website: Lawrence Torcello Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy. Lawrence Torcello received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University at Buffalo in 2006. His research interests include ethical theory and applied ethics, social and political philosophy, moral pluralism, and skepticism. His current projects investigate the practical consequences and ethical responsibilities implicit to democratic citizenship in morally diverse societies, particularly in the domains of medicine, education, animal welfare, the environment, public policy, and political discourse. Dr. Torcello’s recent work pursues the moral implications of global warming denialism, as well as other forms of science denialism.

Via Delingpole at Breitbart:

Scientists who don’t believe in catastrophic man-made global warming should be put in prison, a US philosophy professor argues on a website funded by the…

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