Motherlode Part III

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The latter part of Briffa’s trees was deleted, because it didn’t match GISS temperatures.

briffa_recon-1 (1)

The Deleted Portion of the Briffa Reconstruction « Climate Audit

As ugly as this was, it is worse than it seems. Briffa’s trees did match Hansen, 1981. The next graph overlays Briffa on Hansen, 1981 northern latitude temperatures. The match was almost perfect.

ScreenHunter_317 Feb. 07 12.27

In order to create the hockey stick cheat, they had to do the GISS data tampering cheat first. The entire basis of the hockey stick is junk science.

The destruction of this data was done in a calculated fashion, by the world’s top climate scientists.

ScreenHunter_303 Feb. 07 09.19

They did exactly what Wigley was suggesting, removing more than 0.15 C from 1940’s global temperatures. This tampering is what made the hockey stick possible. Graph below is normalized to 1978.

ScreenHunter_230 Feb. 06 05.29

Another way of looking at this data is to normalize it to 1940. In this view…

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