Europe’s Green Energy Basket Case Is Tim Flannery’s Dream

Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the
industrialized civilizations collapse?
Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about
– Maurice Strong,
founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.
Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
we will be doing the right thing in terms of
economic and environmental policy.

– Timothy Wirth,
President of the UN Foundation

This planet is on course for a catastrophe.
The existence of Life itself is at stake
– Dr Tim Flannery,
Climate Council


he was wrong … Climate Council’s Tim Flannery predicted endless drought. Photo source : The Advertiser


Tim Flannery, is the former Chief Commissioner of the disbanded Australian Climate Commission, setup by the former Gillard green Labor government. Flannery now heads up the privately funded Climate Council.

In 2007, amidst a relentless Australian drought, Flannery made this remarkable statement:

“So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems, and that’s a real worry for the people in the bush.”

Within a year of making that now infamous prediction, the heaven’s opened, flooding the eastern board of Australia with monumental rainfall. Once again filling our dams and our river systems. Water storage in most major cities is now either at, or close to full capacity.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at , January 15, 10.18.48 am

Australia By Cities – current water storage

Flannery’s persistent cries of never-ending drought were at best hyper-alarmist. At worst, his comments have inflicted untold financial misery on families and workers, costing them billions upon billions of dollars.

Before I detail the financial damage inflicted by Flannery’s alarmist intent, it is worth analysing the ‘climate mood’ around the time Flannery cut-loose with his dire drought prognostications…



2007 marked the high-point of global warming climate change hysteria. One year before, Al Gore released his Academy Award winning movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Inconveniently for Al, by 2007 A British High Court judge cited 9 key errors in his alarmist and pseudoscientific movie. Judge Michael Burton ruled that the 9 errors had arisen “in the context of alarmism and exaggeration” in order to support Mr Gore’s thesis on global warming. Judge Burton noted the “apocalyptic vision” presented in the film was politically partisan and thus not an impartial scientific analysis of climate change. It was also ruled, a “political film.”

In order to be shown in British schools, Judge Burton ruled that 77 pages of supporting documentation would be required as reference material for students.

With the Academy Award, Gore also received a Nobel Peace Prize.

However, the damage was done and Gore’s silver-screen alarmist fraud swept the world gobbling up the gullible with catastrophic ease.

By now, there was little doubt that Earth was headed for thermageddon as Flannery spouted, “This planet is on course for a catastrophe. The existence of Life itself is at stake.”


Enter the part of the story that annoys me the most about the over-sold, climate fiasco and the central issue that lends itself to the name of this site…

ALARMISM and its reckless financial burden

Flannery, in 2007 :

“Over the past 50 years southern Australia has lost about 20 per cent of its rainfall, and one cause is almost certainly global warming. Similar losses have been experienced in eastern Australia, and although the science is less certain it is probable that global warming is behind these losses too. But by far the most dangerous trend is the decline in the flow of Australian rivers: it has fallen by around 70 per cent in recent decades, so dams no longer fill even when it does rain…”

One only needs to click on the Bureau Of Meteorology’s rainfall page to discover the sheer nonsense of Flannery’s deluded rant :

*Even with 2010-2011 spike removed, the overall trend bears little resemblance to Flannery’s dire warnings.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at , January 15, 11.04.25 am

Australian climate variability & change – Time series graphs – BoM

Here’s the kicker. In 2007, all eastern board states of Australia; QLD, NSW, VIC and SA were run by Labor government’s. Government’s sympathetic with big government, big regulations and the Greens twisted ideology of environmental extremism – though not an unpopular belief system at the height of anthropogenic global warming climate change hysteria, with no thanks to Gore’s mass-circulated doom flick.

Flannery, again, in 2007 :

“I believe the first thing Australians need to do is to stop worrying about “the drought” – which is transient – and start talking about the new climate… Australia is likely to lose its northern rainfall… In Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months.” 

By late 2007, the four Labor/Green allied state government’s, satisfied with Flannery’s pseudoscientific alarmism, began construction of $12 Billion worth of desalinisation plants.

On completion a few years later, ribbons were cut and the shiny new desals were ready to save Australia from drought ridden doom. Only problem ~ Australia’s eastern board water supplies were by then, and still are, very much full.

All four desalination plants, that were given birth to by Flannery’s global warming climate change, fear mongering, were mothballed, without producing a single drop of water.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at , January 15, 11.57.17 am

Fourth desal plant mothballed. Billions more wasted | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Mothballed media :

The price of global warming alarmism is enormous.

Taxpayers gulled into spending billions of dollars on the back of global warming climate change alarmists, who persuaded politicians the rains would dry up.


In September 2013, the Abbott conservative Government was swept into power in a landslide win. The public had simply had enough of six years of the big taxing, big spending Gillard/Rudd, ALP/Greens regimes. Australia was racked with debt and had nothing to show for it except a litany of failed green schemes scams and the $23/ton Carbon (dioxide) Tax.

In what was their first piece of official business, the Liberal coalition hastily sacked Chief Climate Commissioner Flannery and dismantled the fear-mongering, Carbon-Tax-PR-machine that was the Australian Climate Commission.


Flannery now heads a privately funded global warming climate change propaganda unit, the ‘Climate Council’. They spew out the usual alarmist weather reports blaming evil mankind on bush-fires and any summer heatwave that unseasonably rolls through Australia in summer.

Aside from scaring your children about the next 38 degree day in March, the Climate Council’s main aim is to demonise coal-fired power generation and its bi-product carbon dioxide pollution, and replace with renewable energy.

There shouldn’t be a sole on the planet who doesn’t eventually want a cheap, efficient, reliable, stand-alone, low impact ‘renewable’ energy source providing base-load power to the grid. However, it doesn’t take much objective research to work out that the current crop of renewable technology, namely wind and solar, even in their ‘advanced’ form, remain utterly useless and importantly, do little to reduce emissions.

The rush to embrace renewables “before the planet fries”, is placing a severe burden on households and industry as conventional fossil fuel sources are priced up to make expensive renewables competitive in the market place.

The billions who live with no electricity at all face an even bleaker future. With the proposed global switch to renewables, the most vulnerable are unable to access cheap efficient sources of energy such as coal-fired power, as organisations like the sustainability obsessed “World Bank” cutback funding for new coal-fire power in developing nations. 1.3 billion of the planets most needy, with no access to electricity at all, will remain in grinding poverty. Special thanks must be forwarded to the ever caring United Nations’ “Sustainability” agenda and their even more misanthropic  ‘don’t give the poor power because they might breed’ philosophy.

‘Feel-good’ renewable energy remains the domain of comfortable, western climate change elites, and truly are a token gesture to the folly of green madness.

See also : UN Carbon Regime Would Devastate Humanity | CACA


Before we investigate what is going on in the world of renewable energy, it should be ascertained that the impetus behind the ‘renewable’ energy boondoggle explosion, is in reaction to 22 years of apparently ‘unprecedented’ global warming climate change from 1976-1998.

Renewables aim to stem the flow of evil carbon dioxide pollution, thus preventing the temperature of the globe from spiralling out of control.

By how much will the $trillions we have already spent change the temperature of the globe now and into the future? Nobody knows.

What we do know, is that over the past 17 years there has been no atmospheric global warming, or any statistically-significant warming for between 18 and 23 years, depending on which data set is used. A distinct lack of any warming evident, despite 35% of all human CO² emissions, since 1751, emitted over the same period.

According to RSS satellite measurements, for 17 years and 3 months, there has been no global warming climate change, at all :


Graph via WattsUpWithThat

Peer-Reviewed studies that confirm the lack of any recent global warming:


Flannery’s Climate Council has endorsed a call by United Nation’s Climate Chief, Christiana Figueres for a ‘tripling’ of clean energy investment. Figueres says $1 Trillion a year (only) is required for the transformation needed to stay within 2°C of warming…(which will guarantee we avoid total human annihilation by 2100…fear…scare…fear…pay your carbon tithes here).

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at , January 15, 2.42.34 pm

UN climate chief calls for tripling of clean energy investment


Let’s now see how the “Clean Energy Revolutionis faring in Germany and Europe :


via JoanneNova

  • German’s electricity bills have doubled since 2000. (Germans pay about 40c a KWH.)
  • Up to 800,000 Germans have had their power cut off because they couldn’t pay their bills.
  • Germany’s renewable energy levy rose from €14bn to €20bn in one year as wind and solar expanded. German households will pay a renewables surcharge of €7.2bn this year alone.
  • Germany has more than half the worlds solar panels. They generated 40% of Germany’s peak electricity demand on June 6, but practically 0% during the darkest weeks of winter.
  • Seimens closed it’s entire solar division, losing about €1bn. Bosch is getting out too, it has lost about €2.4bn.
  • Solar investors have lost almost about €25bn in the past year. More than 5,000 companies associated with solar have closed since 2010.
  • Germany has phased out nuclear, but is adding 20 coal fired stations. Gas power can’t compete with cheap coal or subsidized renewables and 20% of gas power plants are facing shutdown.
  • Despite the river of money paid to renewables, emissions have risen in Germany for the last two years.

It’s a case of lose-lose all around, everyone — taxpayers, investors, renewables companies, gas companies — all lost. Waste and stupidity on a colossal scale.

The pattern is similar in the rest of the EU:

  • Two weeks ago the Czech Government has decided to end all subsidies.
  • Spain owes €126bn to renewable energy investors.
  • In Spain more than 5,000 solar entrepreneurs face bankruptcy without the subsidies.
  • EU leaders now officially list affordable energy as being more important than greenhouse emissions.

How much was lost from European manufacturing, to China, which could not compete? Investors are “pouring money into the US, where energy prices have fallen to one-third of those in the EU, thanks to the shale gas revolution.” 


In fact, the German green revolution has been so successful they have just ‘test-fired’ five new coal-fired power plants with a combined capacity of around 4 GW.

And just in case the wind stops blowing or the sun is blocked by clouds of evil man’s 12 parts per million colourless, odourless, trace gas carbon dioxide, rendering their half a trillion uro investment in windmills and solar panels useless, Germany have another 15 coal plants planned to open by 2020.

German Coal Fired Power Stations Due to Open By 2020

Operator Location MW Date Due Status
Trianel Lunen 750 2013 In Trial
EnBW Karlsruhe 874 2013 In Construction
GDF Wilhelmshaven 800 2013 In Construction
Steag Duisberg 725 2013 In Construction
E.ON Datteln 1055 2013 In Construction
RWE Hamm 1600 2013 In Construction
Vattenfall Hamburg 1640 2014 In Construction
GKM Mannheim 911 2015 In Construction
MIBRAG Profen 660 2020 A/W Approval
RWE Niederaussem 1100 n/a A/W Approval
GETEC Buttel 800 n/a A/W Approval
Dow Stade 840 n/a A/W Approval

BDEW, the German Energy Producers Association.


via Climate Change Dispatch :

Germany To Open 10 New Coal-Fired Power Stations

Written by Dr. Benny Peiser, GWPF, November 18 2013.

Steag GmbH started Germany’s first new power plant fueled by hard coal in eight years, allowing the generator and energy trader to take advantage of near record-low coal prices that have widened profit margins. The plant is the first new hard-coal-fired generator in Europe’s biggest power market since 2005. It marks the start of Germany’s biggest new-build program for hard coal stations since its liberalization in 1998. Ten new hard-coal power stations, or 7,985 megawatts, are scheduled to start producing electricity in the next two years, according to information from German grid regulator Bundesnetzagentur and operators. –Julia Mengewein, Bloomberg, 15 November 2013Continue Reading »




via NoTricksZone

German Chamber Of Industry and Commerce: Renewable Energy Driving Out 25% Of Industrial Companies

By P Gosselin on 6. September 2013

Yesterday I wrote 2 posts on the renewable energies folly in Germany, see here and here.

Now the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) confirms the mess with a press release and survey results of businesses and industries. The survey (see right) shows that energy prices and supply risks are threatening the ability of many German industrial companies to compete, and that many are now gearing up to move their operations to friendlier foreign locations.

Renewable energies are leading to higher prices, unreliable supply, less competitiveness and widespread job loss

In total, some 2400 companies of all sizes, sectors, and regions were surveyed throughout the country. Keep Reading »



via The Telegraph

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at , September 20, 1.06.33 PM

Germany industry in revolt as green dream causes cost spiral – Telegraph UK 19, Sep 2013



via JoanneNova

Germany’s Greens help the coal industry, while the US cut emissions by ignoring the greens

Oh the dilemma. German Greens have been so “successful” that coal use is rising fast. They helped get rid of the nukes in 2011, punished coal, and subsidized “renewables”. But woe…. energy has to come from somewhere, so the paradoxical crunch comes. Green policies mean that everyone is poorer, but the cheapest energy comes from coal …

The coal industry must be praying for more Green activism:

“IT’S been a black Christmas for green thinkers as Germany, the world leader in rooftop solar and pride of the renewable energy revolution has confirmed its rapid return to coal.

After scrapping nuclear power, Germany’s carbon dioxide emissions are back on the rise as the country clamours to reopen some of the dirtiest brown coalmines that have been closed since the reunification of east and west. The AustralianContinue Reading »


The twisted irony of the most ideologically aggressive ’Green’ nation on the planet, Germany, spending over 1/2 trillion €uros on ‘feel-good’ renewable energy, only to undertake the most aggressive expansion of ‘dirty’ coal fire power in her history!

That’s green logic for you.


Europe’s green energy basket case, where its ‘limits to growth’ ideology has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. One more reminder of the insanity of trying to phase out coal-fired power before proper alternatives exist.

Benny Peiser of the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation sums up well :

Just as socialist central planning failed miserably before it was replaced by free market economies, green central planning will have to be discarded before Europe will be able to see a return to economic growth and technological optimism.


Eco-Activist Tim Flannery was the head of Australia’s Climate Commission. For his $180,000, three day, part-time working week, he got to make decisions that affected billions of dollars of Australian taxpayer’s money. Would you want this man in charge of your hard-earned ? …


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