Now that the ‘Ship of Fools’ is safe in Antarctica, tough questions need to be asked

Watts Up With That?

UPDATE: Perhaps the headline was premature, the latest SITREP from the rescue ship Aurora Australis indicates they are having some trouble getting into open water.

UPDATE2: It seems the cause of getting stuck was nothing more than dawdling while sightseeing.

Since the Guardian reporters shown above probably won’t do anything but complain about beds and lack of milkshakes (that video has now been “disappeared”)  while writing glowing reports about the “adventure” of it all, it will be left to others to ask the tough questions. Now that they are on their way to Casey Station in Antarctica, Andrew Bolt starts off with these questions. I have a few of my own.

  1. Who paid for this expedition?
  2. How did the expedition team come to include Turney’s wife and two young children?
  3. How serious was this scientific endeavor?
  4. Was the choice of ship wise, given it…

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1894-1902 Drought Killed Half Of The Livestock In Queensland

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In Queensland, the 1902 drought was the culmination of eight years that were dry more often than not over most areas. These years had a devastating effect on stock numbers: sheep numbers fell from 91 million to 54 million, and cattle from 11.8 million to 7 million. The drought began focussing minds on irrigation, especially in the three states through which the Murray River flows: but it wasn’t until the next severe drought in 1914 that the River Murray Commission was created.

BOM – Australian Climate Extremes-Drought

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New York Times 1881 : Global Warming To Cause Arctic Meltdown, Drought, Hurricanes, Disease, Earthquakes, Volcanoes ….

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[addendum] This 1881 article is satirizing one of the more alarmist explanations for the widespread belief of “thoughtful persons” at that time : “The growing heat of our Summers, the drying up of streams, and the increased frequency of hurricanes, yellow fever, and earthquakes have latterly attracted the attention of thoughtful persons.”

Sound familiar? The exact same beliefs being espoused by the alarmist community now.

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1965 Global Cooling : Drought Ravaged The US And Australia

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Obama says that he can end drought by bypassing Congress to make the climate cool like it was in 1965.

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1901 : Alarming, Permanent Climate Change Causing Great Heat Waves

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ScreenHunter_1119 Dec. 31 06.43


July, 1901 was the hottest month in US history

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2013 : The Year Climate Science Went Full Criminal

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Check out this whopper in the Guardian today

Planet likely to warm by 4C by 2100, scientists warn

New climate model taking greater account of cloud changes indicates heating will be at higher end of expectations

Professor Steven Sherwood, at the University of New South Wales, in Australia, who led the new work, said: “This study breaks new ground twice: first by identifying what is controlling the cloud changes and second by strongly discounting the lowest estimates of future global warming in favour of the higher and more damaging estimates.”

“Climate sceptics like to criticise climate models for getting things wrong, and we are the first to admit they are not perfect,” said Sherwood. “But what we are finding is that the mistakes are being made by the models which predict less warming, not those that predict more.”

Planet likely to warm by 4C by 2100, scientists warn |…

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Temperatures Have Warmed One Fourth As Fast As Hansen Predicted In 1988

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Red line shows five year centered mean of RSS global temperature. Temperatures are well below scenario C, which assumed zero emissions after the year 2000.

ScreenHunter_1148 Dec. 31 23.14

As a result of Hansen’s spectacular failures, his confidence levels and temperature forecasts have greatly increased.

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December 31 Global Sea Ice Area Was The Largest Ever Recorded

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Climate experts say that global warming is melting sea ice faster than expected, which is why the poles currently have the most sea ice ever measured for the date.

ScreenHunter_1209 Jan. 02 07.58

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