Top Scientists : Either Shrinking Or Expanding Antarctic Sea Ice Is A Sign Of Global Warming Catastrophe

Real Science

In 1981, George Kukla of Columbia University warned of a new ice age.


Daytona Beach Morning Journal – Google News Archive Search

One year later he said shrinking Antarctic sea ice was a signal that we were all going to die from global warming.

ScreenHunter_869 Dec. 25 22.53

ScreenHunter_870 Dec. 25 22.54

The Montreal Gazette – Google News Archive Search

Government scientists are much smarter now though, and they know that expanding Antarctic sea ice means we are all going to die from global warming.

ScreenHunter_868 Dec. 25 22.48

Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record … High?

Note that this genius is arguing the exact opposite of polar amplification, which is a core principle of global warming theory.

So you have the warming world and a cold Antarctica, and the difference between the two is increasing

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