Average Sea Level Rise Rate Is 0.9 mm/year

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There are 147 NOAA tide gauges which have been active since 2010.

70% of them are below 2mm/year and their mean is 0.9 mm/year. Less than 1/3 of the “official” number.

Many of the ones showing high rates of sea level rise are along subduction zones.

ScreenHunter_793 Dec. 25 06.54

Linear mean sea level (MSL) Global Sea Level Trends in mm/yr – NOAA Tides & Currents

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NASA Fixed That Nasty 1930’s Arctic Warmth

Real Science

In 1997, GISS showed the Arctic cooling since the 1930’s

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Archived 1997 version : www.giss.nasa.gov/Data/GISTEMP/ZonAnn.Ts.txt

But GISS fixed that inconvenient warm period, by cooling the 1930’s Arctic 0.4ºC

ScreenHunter_800 Dec. 25 08.08

Current version : data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/tabledata_v3/ZonAnn.Ts.txt

Some of their more impressive work eliminating 1930’s Arctic warmth was done in Iceland


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1976 : Climatologists Said Global Cooling Caused Extreme Weather And Threatened Us With Dire Consequences

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In 1976, climatologists were spreading the exact same nonsense as now – only they used the word “cooling” rather than “warming.”

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Killing Off The Dust Bowl*

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According to NASA, 1934 used to be by far the hottest year in the US. But that just wasn’t going to do.

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NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate?

So NASA repeatedly cooled 1934 and warmed 1998 – until they finally got rid of that pesky Dust Bowl.

ScreenHunter_742 Dec. 24 16.07

*Mosher says this is all first-rate science.

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Top Scientists : Either Shrinking Or Expanding Antarctic Sea Ice Is A Sign Of Global Warming Catastrophe

Real Science

In 1981, George Kukla of Columbia University warned of a new ice age.


Daytona Beach Morning Journal – Google News Archive Search

One year later he said shrinking Antarctic sea ice was a signal that we were all going to die from global warming.

ScreenHunter_869 Dec. 25 22.53

ScreenHunter_870 Dec. 25 22.54

The Montreal Gazette – Google News Archive Search

Government scientists are much smarter now though, and they know that expanding Antarctic sea ice means we are all going to die from global warming.

ScreenHunter_868 Dec. 25 22.48

Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record … High?

Note that this genius is arguing the exact opposite of polar amplification, which is a core principle of global warming theory.

So you have the warming world and a cold Antarctica, and the difference between the two is increasing

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85% Of Active NOAA Tide Gauges Report Below The Claimed 3.2 mm/year

Real Science

ScreenHunter_847 Dec. 25 17.29

http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/sltrends/MSL_global_trendtable.html …

Eighty-five percent NOAA’s currently active tide gauges report less than 3.2 mm/year, and most of the ones which are above 3.2 mm/year are in active tectonic zones – making their numbers meaningless.

The official 3.2 mm/year is complete nonsense, like almost everything else coming from the $26 billion/decade climate scam.

ScreenHunter_853 Dec. 25 18.04

http://www.climatesciencewatch.org/2012/02/14/presidents-2013-budget-requests-6-percent-increase-for-usgcrp/ …

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