The Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf Retreated 15 Feet Per Day Between 1900 And 1930

Over The Last 8,000 Years, Sea Level Has Risen 14 Metres – While Temperatures Declined

Reality Is A Denier

Climatism comment :

  • Satellite temperature records (via wood for trees) on six different data sets show that there has been no atmospheric global warming since 1998 or any statistically-significant warming for between 18 and 23 years. A distinct lack of any warming evident, despite a dramatic rise in industrial greenhouse gas emissions over the same period:


Peer-Reviewed studies that confirm the lack of any recent global warming:

Real Science

I saw an interesting comment on a discussion forum the other day

“Wood for trees is a well known denier site”

Wood for Trees is a graphing site which allows you to plot out temperature data sets, among other things. Apparently actual data is biased towards deniers, which gives the site a bad reputation among alarmists.

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