1951 : All Of The World’s Glaciers Melting – Some Have Disappeared

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Don’t scoff when you hear an old timer say: “Summers are hot- ter than they used to be.” This remark could once have been classed with “Stairs are steeper than they used to be,” and “Young people are wilder than when I was a boy.”

But today an impressive number of scientists, both old and young, are convinced that the oldtimers are right.

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07 Oct 1951 – Glaciers, Icebergs melt as world gets warmer By …

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Ninety Years Ago, All Of The Glaciers In France Disappearing

1976 CIA Shock News : Global Cooling To Kill Us All

Real Science

The CIA warned in 1976 that global cooling will increase the frequency of droughts. (Hansen says that global warming will increase the frequency of droughts.)

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From a correspondent in Washington

MAJOR world climate changes were under way that would cause economic and political upheavals “almost beyond comprehension”, an internal report of the Central Intelligence Agency has warned the US Government.

“The new climatic era brings a promise of famine and starvation to  many areas of the world”, the report  warns.

The report, which contends that the Climate changes began in 1960, is based on a study by Mr Reid Bryson of the University of Wisconsin.

Its basic premise is that the world’s climate is cooling and will revert to conditions prevalent between 1600 and 1850 — when the earth’s population was less than 1,000 million and its rural, pre-industrial era civilisations were largely capable of feeding themselves.

Last March, estimated world population reached 4,000 million. A return to cooler temperatures in today’s fragile, interdependent global economic…

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1974 Shock News : CIA Said Global Warming Was A Good Thing

Global Warming Consensus Crumbling


By Paul Homewood




The recent global warming survey run by the American Meteorological Society has already attracted much attention. The story has been well covered, for instance here and here.

There have been claims and counterclaims about just what the survey shows.

So, in this post, I really just want to add a few thoughts of my own as discussion points.

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