Winter 2013 Forecasted To Be Longest In History For Britain, Worst in 60 Years

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100234The entire UK has been told to brace for a record-breaking period of bitter Arctic winds, crippling snowfall and plunging temperatures. Long-range forecasts now point to winter 2013 now being the worst for more than 60 years with Polar conditions stretching right into the beginning of next spring. The shock warning comes with the UK already shivering in an unseasonably early big freeze with temperatures plummeting to -5C and heavy snow sparking chaos in parts of the UK.  It has also sparked fears that the extreme cold expected this winter could kill far more vulnerable people than usual, especially as millions turn down their heating in the wake of huge energy price rises. Long range forecasts show that a high pressure ‘blocking system’ drawing cold air in from the Arctic will wreak havoc with our weather, generating prolonged spells colder than in  Iceland, Norway and Sweden and even parts of the Arctic region.

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Model Country : North Korea Achieves 80% Reduction In CO2 Emissions

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While the Democratic People’s Republic of America struggles to reduce emissions by 5%, North Korea has already achieved an 80% reduction.


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21st Century Temperature Sensitivity


Kyoto Was Successful

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Global temperatures have declined since 1997, while CO2 has increased exponentially -proving that the Kyoto protocol worked.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Since the start of the 21st century, temperatures have declined 0.03ºC with each additional 10 PPM of CO2.



At first glance this appears to be a problem for the hockey team, but they have met the challenge by selectively picking only the tiny portion of satellite data which supports their ongoing funding.

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