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The team now lies about every weather event, calls it the worst ever, and the press exaggerates it even further.

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1921 : Earth Had A Fever

Shock News : Glaciers Were Receding During Hansen’s Coldest Year Ever

The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal  Wednesday 28 September 1910

Except over a small area, it is generally understood, the glaciers of the world are retreating to the mountains. The glacier on Mount Sermiento in South America, which descended to the sea when Darwin found it in 1836, is now separated from the shore by a vigorous growth of timber. The Jacobshaven glacier in Greenland has retreated four miles since 1850, and the East glacier in Spitzbergen is more than a mile away from its original terminal  moraine. In Scandinavia the snow- line is further up the mountains, and the glaciers have withdrawn 3,000ft. from the lowlands in a century. The Araphoe glacier in the Rocky Mountains, with characteristic American enterprise, has been melting at a rapid rate for several years.



This global retreat of glaciers was occurring during NASA’s coldest year on record. Climate alarmists insist that receding glaciers are a sign of global warming, because they have no idea what they are talking about.


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