A Few Low CO2 Natural Disasters

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Too Much Information forms the basis of the climate propaganda machine.

A deadly flood or storm surge in Asia used to be page six news in the newspaper, if it made it all. Now it is 24×7 coverage on CNN. This makes people believe that the climate is spiraling out of control.

People used to be worried about Smallpox and drought and TB and Polio and flu and Pneumonia and not getting enough food to eat and childbirth – but now that they are comfortable and safe in their living rooms with an excess of everything, they imagine themselves to be endangered by far away weather events which have no impact on their lives.

Thirty-one million at risk of death in China was Page 6 news in 1931.

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21 Aug 1931 – CENTRAL CHINA FLOOD HORROR Worst Disaster in Cou…

Real Science

The world’s stupidest people (who run the US government) want you to believe that life was happy and stable in the good old days of low CO2

That leaves one thing capable of contributing to global warming – a process that reduces the amount of heat energy leaving the atmosphere. Since the earth’s energy balance remains stable without a change in an external forcing such as solar insolence (due to changes in the sun’s output or orbital changes) or an internal process turned into a forcing by some change and we see neither Milankovitch cycles, nor the sun itself are in a position to do that, we have to look to an internal change.

Only CO2 fits that need.

Little Green Footballs – Marc Morano: Courting Mendacity

1871 – Chicago Destroyed

ScreenHunter_268 Nov. 13 03.58

1871 – Wisconsin Fire

1886 – Indianola, Texas Destroyed

ScreenHunter_274 Nov. 13 04.18

1896 – St Louis Destroyed

ScreenHunter_273 Nov. 13 04.14

1900 – Galveston Destroyed

ScreenHunter_271 Nov. 13 04.03

1906 –…

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