Shock News : UN Climate Delegates Unaware Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago

We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.
Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
we will be doing the right thing in terms of
economic and environmental policy.

– Timothy Wirth,
President of the UN Foundation

No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…
climate change provides the greatest opportunity to
bring about justice and equality in the world
– Christine Stewart,
former Canadian Minister of the Environment

It doesn’t matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true
– Paul Watson,
co-founder of Greenpeace



There has been no statistically-significant Global Warming for 17-23 years despite 35% of all human CO² emissions, since 1751, emitted in the last 15 years.

Satellite temperature records on six different data sets show that there has been no atmospheric global warming since 1998 or any statistically-significant warming for between 18 and 23 years. A distinct lack of any warming evident, despite a dramatic rise in industrial greenhouse gas emissions over the same period:

Peer-Reviewed studies that confirm the lack of any recent global warming :


“The Oceans Ate My Global Warming”

With no rise in atmospheric temps over the past 15-17 years, the latest bluff in climate alarmism is that the ‘missing heat’ is hiding at the bottom of the oceans. However since 2003, 3000+ ARGO satellite buoys which descend to depths of 2,000 metres, continually recording ocean temperatures, have not detected a rise in ocean temps either.

Kevin Trenberth theorises that missing heat takes a dive into deep oceans. “The oceans can at times soak up a lot of heat. Some goes into the deep oceans where it can stay for centuries [and where lamentably, there are no reliable temperature measurements].  But heat absorbed closer to the surface can easily flow back into the air.” Yet sea surface temperatures and the upper heat content didn’t increase over the last decade by enough to account for the “missing heat” that those greenhouse gas emissions should have trapped in the Earth’s climate system but couldn’t be found. (via Forbes)


Upper Ocean Heat Content Anomaly – NOAA


Global Marine Argo Atlas



Shock News : UN Climate Delegates Unaware That The World’s Temperature Data Has Been Tampered With.


The Very High Price Of NOAA/NASA Data Tampering | Real Science

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GISS Data Tampering – Worse Than You Thought

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Real Science

The graph below shows GISS US temperatures five year mean. At first glance, it looks like the US is really heating up.

ScreenHunter_163 Nov. 09 18.13

Now compare that to the actual GHCN thermometer data which the graph is based on. They look nothing alike. The 1930s were much hotter.

ScreenHunter_161 Nov. 09 18.01

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

The next graph overlays the published GISS temperature (red) on the thermometer data (blue) normalized to 2003. You can see that they have massively cooled the past relative to the present – to create the appearance of non-existent warming.

ScreenHunter_169 Nov. 09 18.54

Next, let’s compare the actual data to what GISS published in 1999, before they started their most serious tampering.

ScreenHunter_165 Nov. 09 18.25

NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate?

The next graph overlays the thermometer data (blue) on the 1999 GISS graph. You can see that there was much less tampering going on at that time.

ScreenHunter_168 Nov. 09 18.35

The next graph is a bonus, which overlays…

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