Climate Scientists Recycling The Same Sea Level Nonsense From 35 Years Ago

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Thirty-five years ago this month, climate scientists told us that we were all going to drown unless we ran our cars off solar cells.

The Telegraph-Herald – Nov 22, 1978

If the world keeps burning more oil. natural gas and coal. It could melt the West Antarctic ice sheet. The resulting 10-foot or 15-foot rise m sea level could partially submerge California, Florida and South Carolina and create havoc in coastal cities

The National Weather Service in Charleston. S.C.. said that city, outlying coastal Islands. Beaufort and possibly even Georgetown and Myrtle Beach would be covered easily with 13 feet of water.

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The Telegraph-Herald – Google News Archive Search

And now, they are back it with the identical nonsense from 1978

6 November 2013

The last time the Earth was ice-free was 34 million years ago during the Eocene epoch. If this happened again, the entire Atlantic seaboard in the U.S would…

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