State Of The Climate Report

Climatism comment : Evil human CO2 is clearly having a catastrophic impact on Gaia.

The science is settled, the debate is over, anyone who disagrees is a denier and a flat-earth terrorist.

Real Science

  • No global warming for 17.5 years
  • 97% of the climate models have over-predicted warming
  • Record quiet tornado season
  • Severe tornadoes declining for 40 years
  • No US hurricane landfalls
  • More than eight years without a major hurricane strike in the US
  • Drought is almost over
  • Fewest forest fires in the US in three decades
  • Record increase in Arctic sea ice
  • Record extent of Antarctic sea ice
  • Five of the six snowiest winters have occurred since 2002
  • No sea level rise on the west coast of the US or Canada for three decades
  • US temperatures declining for 80 years (before data tampering)
  • Near record low number of hot days in the US

Nothing the team predicted has come true.

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