The New Crisis : The Same As The Old Crisis

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So ‘very sophisticated science’ would tell us that we are once again headed into an “abnormal” period of “agricultural-optimum” (provided the planet resumes warming after it had had enough of that 17 years ago).

But alas, with record world grain production and record US corn production forecast for 2013, it’s no wonder the world is entering the “tipping point” of climate change Eco-catastrophe.

Carbon taxes and carbon trading are clearly the only answer to avert the insipid “abnormal agricultural-optimum” that so threatens the impoverished masses.

Real Science

Very sophisticated analysis by top government scientists has determined that climate change has already begun.

Opinion: The climate change era is already upon us

Oct. 28, 2013

We’re beyond debating the existence of climate change. Impacts we’re seeing now should compel us to reduce emissions further and start planning in earnest. It’s time to quit dithering.

Opinion: The climate change era is already upon us — The Daily Climate

In 1974, the CIA said the same thing – only the panic was global cooling instead of global warming.

A Study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems

August 1974

The climate change began in 1960, but no one including the climatologists recognized it.

The world is returning to the type of climate which has existed over the last 400 years. That is, the abnormal climate of the agricultural-optimum is being replaced by a normal climate of the neo-boreal era.


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1895 : Massive Winter Bush Fires In New South Wales

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  • The rise of industrial America from 1877-1900 must have released Massive amounts of CO2, making the Australian winter of 1895 a scorcher.

Real Science

The usual climate criminals have been claiming that fires never used to happen this early, but in 1895 they happened two months earlier.

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 28 20.22
ScreenHunter_04 Oct. 28 20.23

ScreenHunter_05 Oct. 28 20.24
ScreenHunter_06 Oct. 28 20.24

05 Sep 1895 – Bush Fires in New South Wales. SYDNEY August 30.

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