Five Of The Six Snowiest Winters Have Occurred Since David Viner Declared The End Of Snow

Global Warming Propaganda Is Now Colour Blind

We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.
Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
we will be doing the right thing in terms of
economic and environmental policy.

– Timothy Wirth,
President of the UN Foundation

Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the
industrialized civilizations collapse?
Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about
– Maurice Strong,
founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

It doesn’t matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true
– Paul Watson,
co-founder of Greenpeace


The (warmist) NSIDC, National Snow And Ice Data Center, is clearly so ashamed by the Arctic’s epic 2013 ice growth, against all Arctic alarmist predictions, that they have actually changed the ice extent image from the previous ‘white’ colour to a new ‘grey’ hue! :



How it used to look :


And the same for Antarctic Ice extent


Global Warming Propaganda at the NSIDC clearly has no ethical, moral or scientific boundaries. How many other Government climate departments are guilty of such climate fraud?


See : Real Science Fraud File | CACA


H/t Real Science

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Quote Source – The Green Agenda

Climate Change Is Real – End The Denial

Real Science

Climate experts like Mikey Mann tell us that the climate was stable prior to 150 years ago, but it is time for them to end the denial. Climate change is real and dramatic.

ScreenHunter_1811 Oct. 24 08.29

Tropical climate in the Antarctic: Palm trees once thrived on today’s icy coasts 52 million years ago


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