Tuvalu – Still Drowning After All These Years

Climatism comment : South Pacific Islands are not sinking, they are in fact growing. Claims they are sinking due to global warming driven sea level rise are opportunistic.
However, alarmists never cared for empirical data, especially when it debunks their spurious climate lies.

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2 Comments on “Tuvalu – Still Drowning After All These Years”

  1. shinzodiac says:

    It does appear that this station has seen little rise of sea level. I investigated more, though, at the site you cite, the PSMSL (Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level), and found a nice page that allows you to view the sea level trends with control of areas and even timeframes.


    The world map shows a picture of varying sea rise across the board, except in Scandinavia. Upon a quick internet search I found out that indeed sea level has been dropping in many parts of Northwestern Europe, but this has been attributed to land rise.


    It is very fun to explore the data on PSMSL and the linked article is also an interesting read.

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