The Emperor’s New Climate

Climatism comment (State Of The Climate Report) :

What more is required of mother nature to prove that humans 3% contribution to atmospheric CO² (versus her 97%) is having no impact whatsoever on our climate?
In fact, in most cases, the *opposite* is happening, to what the global warming alarmists, fear mongers, climate profiteers and complicit media have been preaching to us daily.

Real Science

Western governments and much of the press corpse apparently believe that they can convince the citizenry about global warming through the use of fraudulent data and surveys, like Kook and Nuttercelli.

They have run into a huge problem however – the Sun is not cooperating. One thing that people are not going to be fooled about is the record snowfall of recent years.

ScreenHunter_1280 Oct. 04 22.06

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

ScreenHunter_1434 Oct. 13 06.50

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2 Comments on “The Emperor’s New Climate”

  1. High Treason says:

    We have all had to deal with an habitual liar at some stage of our lives. A lie to support a lie, to support a lie. Then one day you pick an inconsistency, become suspicious and realize all you have been told by the liar is just a big load of rubbish-a bed of lies and you have been taken for a ride.Have you noticed that the more respectable appearing the vehicle of the scam, the further it gets and the greater the stakes?The liar will NEVER come clean-they know the truth will sink them, so the excuses and lies become ever more bizarre. Something we should ALL be getting suspicious of is how the IPCC can now be 95% certain when the correlation charts of CO2 rise and temperatures are diverging. Looks like the IPCC and its parent body, the UN are the grandest scam in human history.


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