Marx on Monday: IPCC

The IPCC spend billions of dollars of other people’s money drawing together 30 pages of conclusions in “Summary For Policymakers” to pressure policy makers, with a 95% certainty, to go and spend $95 billion more dollars, of other people’s money, to try and stop a planet warming that hasn’t warmed in 17 years.


For a lot less money and only 5 minutes of their precious time, they could just as easily read this divine piece from the Marxist, for the same effect….only this time get the painful truth! ;p


I’m lovin :

  • “Rajendra thinks that Hitler is still alive and living in a condo in Palm Springs with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden – where they are planning to destroy the world by burning fossil fuels around the clock”
  •  “It’s a storm in a tea cup Kevin,” Rajendra replied, “or it would be – if there were any storms.”



Great read Kevin, TQ.

Last week when parts of the IPCC’s much heralded “Climate Change Report” were leaked to the press I, as much as any liberal, found myself despairing at some of its findings. No global warming for 16 years; record levels of sea ice; so many polar bears that the UN was proposing a humane cull to limit their numbers; no extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and typhoons – and – worst of all – the computer forecasts were wrong and there was no global warming! I felt like I did when as a child I found out that there was no Santa Claus!

Thank goodness, therefore, for the IPCC – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. When I was a young boy I remember going to the theatre to see Peter Pan. I, along with the rest of the children, became very upset when Tinkerbell was dying, but Peter Pan saved…

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