As Temperatures Have Declined, The IPCC Has Gained Confidence In Catastrophic Warming

Real Science

With each successive decline in temperature, the IPCC has gained confidence that their exponentially increasing warming models are correct.

ScreenHunter_1013 Sep. 28 00.13

Note that the linear decline seen since TAR in 2001 is almost a perfect fit for the exponential increase of 0.4ºC predicted by Hansen during that interval.

ScreenHunter_968 Sep. 26 16.46

The next graph is a closeup showing actual temperatures since 2001, overlaid on Hansen’s forecasts.

ScreenHunter_1019 Sep. 28 07.14

Bottom line is that you would have to have the IQ of a turnip to believe any of the spectacularly transparent lies being spewed by the IPCC this week.

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