Reactions to IPCC AR5 Summary for Policy Makers

Climatism comment :


  • So the “experts” in 2007 (AR4) were 90% sure human’s were causing climate change (aka global warming). Now with a further six years of zero surface warming totalling ~15 years, the “experts” are now 95% certain that human’s are causing climate change/global warming or whatever they now call it.
  • As well, IPCC now recognise (taboo) ‘natural variability’ as influencing the current 15 year warming ‘pause’, 98% of climate models failing to model observed reality and no confirmation on climate sensitivity ~ would have thought their confidence level would have dropped not increased. i.e “we actually have no idea what’s going on.”
  • Realistically, they were never going to be ‘less’ confident. That wouldn’t fit the political MO of the IPCC, who’s job after all, is to find and prosecute only the human influence on climate.
  • Politics still far more important than the science for the United Nations’ IPCC bureaucrats.

Watts Up With That?

This is a bullet point collection of reactions as they come in, it will be updated throughout the day by adding new items to the list. It is also a sticky post – new stories will appear below this one.

My first reaction was: That IPCC had a golden opportunity, and blew it due to being unable to adapt to reality.

My second reaction was due to a tweet from the vice chair of the IPCC, who was so tired, he couldn’t even get the website right:

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