Backdrop For IPCC Meeting 2013

IPCC Mission Statement

  • Fossil fuels are the key to western civilization.
  • Therefore we have to find something to blame on fossil fuels. The global warming thing turned out to be a total bust, so we made up some other nonsense about climate change and ocean acidification.
  • The most important thing to remember is that progressives are infants permanently tied to the government umbilical cord, and will believe any nonsensical story we come up with, no matter how stupid is.

Real Science

  • Record low tornadoes
  • Record low hurricanes
  • Record gain in Arctic ice
  • Record Antarctic ice
  • Burn acreage well below normal
  • No change in the rate of sea level rise
  • No evidence of Greenland meltdown
  • No evidence of Antarctic meltdown
  • No warming for 17 years

If these people were actual scientists, they would conclude that CO2 alarmism is a thing of the past.

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