Life Expectancy Has Doubled As CO2 Has Risen

STUDY : Lack of access to fossil fuels causing millions of premature deaths amongst the poorest of the planet

Real Science

Life expectancy has steadily risen, as atmospheric CO2 has risen. This is because fossil fuels keep us warm and dry, allow for much improved health care, and keep food coming to the stores.

ScreenHunter_853 Sep. 23 19.00

Life Expectancy by Age, 1850–2004 |

The implication of this is that those who want to reduce CO2, are looking to kill people. One of the fastest ways to kill off large amounts of people is to make sure that there isn’t enough energy available to heat houses during cold snaps.

Reducing the flow of the greenhouse gases that spur global warming could prevent up to 3 million premature deaths annually by the year 2100, a new study suggests.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Prevent Premature Deaths | LiveScience

Why would a scientist ever want to look at actual data, when they can just make up mindless alarmist nonsense – and get paid for it?


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