Q and A Checklist : The Alarmist Claims of Eco-Extremist David Suzuki

No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…
climate change provides the greatest opportunity to
bring about justice and equality in the world
– Christine Stewart,
former Canadian Minister of the Environment

The only way to get our society to truly change is to
frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe
– emeritus professor Daniel Botkin

If we don’t overthrow capitalism, we don’t have a chance of
saving the world ecologically. I think it is possible to have
an ecologically sound society under socialism.
I don’t think it is possible under capitalism
– Judi Bari,
principal organiser of Earth First

Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty,
reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control
– Professor Maurice King



Tonight the ABC hands over the “Q&A” stage to eco-extremist David Suzuki. Canadian environmentalist born 75 years ago with a deep sense of misanthropy who once compared human’s to “maggots” …

Will Q&A’s host Tony Jones or any member of the audience bother to correct Suzuki’s deeply alarmist rhetoric, correct the record or update his ideologically bent facts? Or does being a warming alarmist give you a licence to mislead?


Here are some of Suzuki’s epically alarmist and dangerously misleading claims:


In British Columbia, where I live, a warming climate has allowed insects the size of grains of rice to destroy $65 billion worth of pine trees in just a bit over a decade. For millennia the mountain pine beetle, a native of Canada, has been kept in check by our winter temperatures which reach minus 35 degrees for several days.

via Roger Franklin Quadrant Online: Geez, Dave, you’re a bugger for cherry-picking! You want us to publish the claim that climate change is killing lodgepole pines, but you’ve admitted elsewhere that poor forestry practices, monocultures and the suppression of fire, not just warmer weather, created an overabundance of the older trees those beetles love to eat, hence the population explosion. You can’t just leave out inconvenient facts, otherwise our readers would be misled.


Pine Beetle issues before human “maggots” had a chance to harm ‘Gaia’:

In 1924 low CO² Pine Beetles Destroyed 1.5 Billion Feet Of Timber In Oregon And California

pine beetle




Science and brawn are to-day work-ing together in systematic haste in the heart of the yellow-pine forests ofSouthern Oregon and Northern California to save ten billion feet of merchantable timber from the relentless ravages of the Western pine beetle,writes the New York “Outlook.” During the last ten years this tiny beetle  (Dendroctonus brevicomis) has destroyed a total of 1,500,000,000 feet of  timber in unquestionably the finest stand of yellow pine on the Pacific coast of the United States.

See also:



Arctic Sea Ice:

September 2013: “Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year”

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at , September 9, 5.17.14 AM

Global cooling: Arctic ice caps grows by 60% against global warming predictions | Mail Online 7 Sep, 2013


via Real Science

The Last And Ugliest Part Of The Scam

Posted on September 8, 2013 by 

The Arctic sea ice scam is in its death throes, and now the climate criminals are focused on the Antarctic is going to melt and collapse and drown us all in 90 years scam.

Only problem is, Antarctica is getting colder and sea ice is increasing

111 screenhunter_360-sep-08-09-34


222 screenhunter_361-sep-08-09-42



Earth Has More Sea Ice Than 1990

Posted on Real Science September 19, 2013 by 

Planet Earth currently has 333,000 Manhattans of sea ice, which is more ice than on the same date in 1990. (Note that there was a small dip a few years ago which caused many leading scientists to become hysterical.)




As of today, it has been 2,864 days or 7.9 years since the US has been hit by a Cat 3 or greater hurricane. The last such hurricane was Wilma on October 24th, 2005. Hurricanes are actually getting not worse, but fewer. Grover Cleveland, who was president between 1885 and 1889, had 27 major hurricanes during his presidency. Only 3 major hurricanes have made landfall during Obama’s tenure thus far.

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. summarises:


The graph above provides an update to data on the remarkable ongoing US “intense hurricane drought.” When the Atlantic hurricane season starts next June 1, it will have been 2,777 days since the last time an intense (that is a Category 3, 4 or 5) hurricane made landfall along the US coast (Wilma in 2005). Such a prolonged period without an intense hurricane landfall has not been observed since 1900. 

Roger Pielke Jr, December 10, 2012:

…After adjusting for patterns of development, over the long term there is no climate change signal … of increasing damage from extreme events either globally or in particular regions.

Via Real Science

Obama : Lowest Hurricane Frequency Of Any President

Posted on Real Science September 17, 2013 by 

Obama’s approval ratings are at historic lows, as well as his hurricanes.

Since Obama took office, the US has averaged 0.6 hurricane landfalls per year. This is the fewest hurricanes of any president since at least 1850. By contrast, Grover Cleveland’s presidency averaged more than five times as many hurricanes per year as Obama’s.

Obama Hurricanes



Hurricane Sandy was downgraded to a tropical storm when it made landfall. The resulting 3 meter storm surge, corresponded with a full moon, causing a King tide which led to extensive flooding of lower Manhattan.

The New York Hurricane of 1821 hit at low tide with impacts far more extensive:

Via Real Science

1821 New York Hurricane Hit At Low Tide


Hurricane Flashback: The Great New York Storm of 1821

September 3 marks the 190th anniversary of the Hurricane of 1821, which saw flooding and destruction in the growing metropolis. In less than an hour a thirteen-foot storm surge deluged the city, swallowing everything below Canal Street. The Battery was particularly devastated, docks were destroyed, and ships were swept onto streets. Further uptown, a bridge that connected Harlem to Ward’s Island was washed away and somewhere in Chinatown, the East River likely met the Hudson. “New Yorkers were lucky,” writes Bruce Parker in The Power of the Sea: Tsunamis, Storm Surges, Rogue Waves, and Our Quest to Predict Disasters. “The hurricane hit at low tide.

Hurricane Flashback: The Great New York Storm of 1821 — Daily Intelligencer



PEER-REVIEW STUDY ScienceDirect.com – Reconstructing tropical cyclone frequency using hydrogen isotope ratios of sedimentary n-alkanes in northern Queensland, Australia


“This suggests that on average tropical cyclone frequency did not change during the past 200 years.”

BOM Tropical Cyclone trends are down with less frequency and severity:



The United States has had the fewest tornadoes on record – less than half of normal:


Storm Prediction Center WCM Page



The major problems facing the Great Barrier Reef are to do with real pollution and physical factors; fertilisers and chemical pollution, damage from cyclone Yasi, development of coal terminals and from the crown of thorns starfish. Conditions far removed from perceived damage caused by increased Carbon Dioxide concentrations.

Great Barrier Reef report card shows World Heritage site’s health has dropped to ‘poor’ | The Courier-Mail

via Herald Sun:

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority:

CORAL reefs can cope with natural disturbances like floods and cyclones …

And what exactly is damaging the reef? Brian Handwerk in National Geographic, June 8:

TERRY Hughes, who heads the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies headquartered at James Cook University … (said) … “Coastal reefs have been obliterated by run-off of sediment, dredging, and pollution.”

See also : Claim: Ocean Acidification Is Climate Change’s ‘Equally Evil Twin’ | CACA



For Australia see: Australia’s record hottest 12 month period? Junk science say the Satellites | CACA


Satellite temperature records on six different data sets show that there has been no atmospheric global warming since 1998 or any statistically-significant warming for between 18 and 23 years. A distinct lack of any warming evident, despite a dramatic rise in industrial greenhouse gas emissions over the same period:



Peer-Reviewed studies that confirm a lack of any global warming since 1998:

Suzuki and ‘Expert Scientists’ newest claim to account for the atmosphere not warming:

“The Oceans Ate The Global Warming”

With no rise in atmospheric temps over the past 15-17 years, the latest bluff in climate alarmism is that the ‘missing heat’ is hiding at the bottom of the oceans. However since 2003, 3000+ ARGO satellite buoys which descend to depths of 2,000 metres, continually recording ocean temperatures, have not detected a rise in ocean temps either.

Kevin Trenberth theorises that missing heat takes a dive into deep oceans. “The oceans can at times soak up a lot of heat. Some goes into the deep oceans where it can stay for centuries [and where lamentably, there are no reliable temperature measurements].  But heat absorbed closer to the surface can easily flow back into the air.” Yet sea surface temperatures and the upper heat content didn’t increase over the last decade by enough to account for the “missing heat” that those greenhouse gas emissions should have trapped in the Earth’s climate system but couldn’t be found. (via Forbes)

via Herald Sun:

Here’s a demonstration of how desperate warmists are to believe their theory, even when they can’t find the evidence for it:

According to the new IPCC report, temperatures rose by about 0.15C a decade for the latter half of the last century.  Since 1998, however, that rise has been reduced to only 0.05C. 

The heat is still coming in, but it appears to have gone into the deep ocean and, frustratingly, we do not have the instruments to measure there,” said Professor Ted Shepherd of Reading University. “Global warming has certainly not gone away.”

Wow. How convenient. The heat is hiding where the warmists can’t find it!


Enjoy tonights ‘Alarming’ edition of Q and A, and if it all gets a bit too much, keep in mind:

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” – Richard P. Feynman


UPDATE – Post “QandA”

via Herald Sun

Suzuki revealed as complete know-nothing by very first question on Q&A

Andrew Bolt Blog 23.9.13

Oh. My. God.

David Suzuki on the very first question is revealed as a complete know-nothing. His questioner tells him that the main climate data sets show no real warming for some 15 years.

Suzuki asks for the references, which he should have known if he knew anything of the science.

His questioner then lists them: UAH, RSS, HadCrut and GISS – four of the most basic measurement systems of global temperature.

Suzuki asks what they are.

Anyone interested in global warming should know right there that Suzuki has absolutely no understanding of what he is talking about.

In my opinion he is a phoney.

Here, for Suzuki’s information, is the GISS measurement:

Keep Reading »



via Herald Sun

David Suzuki proves he’s pig ignorant about global warming

Andrew Bolt Blog 24.9.13

The very first question put to David Suzuki on Q&A last night revealed this warming alarmist’s complete ignorance of the most basic facts of global warming.

Fancy Suzuki not even knowing what the world’s main temperature data sets say about global temperatures. Fancy him not even knowing what those data sets are, even when he is given their names.

The only rational response to Suzuki’s astonishing admission of utter ignorance would have been to say to him: “Sir, you are a phony and imposter. Get off the stage and don’t waste our time for a second longer.”

Read the exchange for yourself:

BILL KOUTALIANOS: Oh, hi. Since 1998 global temperatures have been relatively flat, yet many man-made global warming advocates refuse to acknowledge this simple fact. Has man-made global warming become a new religion in itself?

Keep Reading »



via JoanneNova.com.au

David Suzuki bombs on Q&A, knows nothing about the climate


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at , September 25, 1.07.17 AMDavid Suzuki’s performance on Q&A last night was extraordinary. I was knock-me-over amazed that he has not heard of UAH, GISS, HADcrut and RSS, and knew nothing of the pause in global surface temperatures that even the UK Met Office and IPCC lead author climate scientists like Hans von Storch are discussing.

How afraid is Suzuki about man-made global warming? So afraid, it doesn’t occur to him to check the data, incredibly he doesn’t even know what the data is. Tony Jones had to rephrase the questions to explain them to Suzuki, who doesn’t even understand them.

How much is his reputation as a scientist worth when he doesn’t even bother to check the evidence for a cause he stakes his reputation on?

Three times in Q&A he admitted he didn’t know — he didn’t know there was a pause in warming for the last 15 years, he didn’t know how global temperatures are measured, and he didn’t know that cyclones were not increasing over the Great Barrier Reef. He wants politicians jailed for “denying the science”. “You bet!” he exclaims, but then admits he hasn’t thought that through either. Keep Reading »


Watch Suzuki flunk elementary climate science on ABC’s “QandA” here


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2 Comments on “Q and A Checklist : The Alarmist Claims of Eco-Extremist David Suzuki”

  1. […] Q and A Checklist : The Alarmist Claims of Eco-Extremist David Suzuki (climatism.wordpress.com) […]


  2. pasqualie says:

    Whether you want to admit it or not, climate change is happening. its just part of a natural processs, also made worse by human activity.

    its a known fact carbon dioxide traps heat, or blocks out the sun. pumping it up into the atmosphere for over a half century has to have an impact.

    interesting note, half of the carbon dioxide they realized went missing, they found it in the ocean. it had absorbed half of it.. everyone was happy about this initally till they found the implications of this. it had acidified the oceans. reason why fish stocks and various species were at all time lows population wise. mussel farmers in the year 2000 and above started finding their mussels not breeding, it was the acidic ocean, so they had to add a buffer to get their businesses profitable again.

    problem is you cant add a buffer like that to the oceans. you might say who cares, but unfortunately there is something called plankton in the ocean that makes a majority of the worlds oxygen, you have plankton go, your grand kids wont be around for more than 5 years, and their quality of life will be drastically worse. you take out the bottom of the food chain, the tops gonna follow.

    also the warming of the atmophere causes a warming of the oceans. especially near the equator. that water evaporates.goes by jet stream to the poles. where it forms as ice.
    human activity is raising the global temperature faster than normal. this is causing warming of the oceans and faster and greater evaporation. which means greater ice buildup at the poles.

    you might think who cares. well the earth is spinning on an axis. you get huge ice sheets forming off center like they are because of the increased evaporation. then you get an inbalance effect on a the earth rotating on its axis. you get a wobble. the greater the imbalance, and eventually something out of balance on a spinning plane will correct itself.

    thats how you get a pole shift. you might again say who cares, well the magnetic field weakens allowing more suns radiation and cosmic radiation into the earth. and at some point it goes to zero.. how long it stays there is a question since no one has lived through one and documented it. if it stays at zero for a while, pretty much end game. if it stays there a while, all the water will go as well. its what happens to planets without magnetic fields like mars. no water.

    pole shift also cause greater volcanic activity as well as tectonic plate movements. you can change the ricter scale from 1-10 to 1-30. cuz its the stuff that makes mountains go up and down. and everywhere will be impacted. those areas and cities that dont normally have or never have strong earth quakes, will be the the least prepared. add in cosmic rays frying all wires and circuitry and electronics, its gonna be fun for anyone who survives. they get to run the gauntlet of survival where large groups of human beings become like animals when social order breaks down, on top of finding food.

    throw in an ice age and only those near the equator will survive. -50 celsius year round everywhre else. ice ages last for 90 thousand years, and then you get 10000 years of warmth.

    ice ages happen because of a remineralization process of the earth, as the ice crushes rocks to microns, when its warmed up its distributed all over the earth by winds. trees weaken and die as the minerals in the soil deplete. you get more forest fires as well. one acre of trees traps 50 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. as more of the trees die, more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. add in the carbon dioxide human activity is throwing up there. well its gonna block out the suns heat, or keep the heat coming in in, at some point it gets dense enough we go into ice age.

    will be fun for anyone around because you get to try to grow food at -50 celsius or find it for 90 thousand years while this lasts, unless you are around the equator, the new equator, if there is a pole shift as well.

    so the people who deny this dont have anything to worry about for yourself or your grand kids currently, cuz its end game scenario, if they alive its gonna be fun for them.

    its possibly why we have had advance civilizations in the distant past, and bam there were back to the stone age.

    its just the way the earth puts things back into balance. where there are too many of one thing it throws it out of balance, so it has to recenter.

    just like the ice caps being off center throwing the earths axis off balance, the imbalance gets too great and there is a correction.

    and dont worry the governments wont tell you whats happening, cuz they know human beings become like animals in situations like this. so they most likely wont even tell ya about it, as they quietly move into their underground bunker complexes. cuz they cant save everyone, only a select few.

    they saw this in Katrina.

    but the ocean is definitely done, with fukishima gonna be pumping in 300 tons a day of radiation for the next 100 years or so, with the toxins we dump in there, on top of all the carbon that got absorbed into the ocean.


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