Marx on Monday: If you’re against wind farms you are a Fascist!

Let’s face it – we live in a country full of idiots.  It is no mean feat, therefore, that UKIP reject James Delingpole, thanks to his article on wind farms in this publication on Friday, has firmly established himself as the biggest idiot of them all.

In his article (and I use the word “article” in the loosest possible sense) he glibly recommends that those in rural areas, who care more about their scenic views and house prices than they do for the future of our children and the planet, ostracise  those people who have applied to build wind farms on their land.

The truth is, as all right thinking people know, that the brave individuals who are prepared to sacrifice their own views and the value of their houses, by applying to erect a few modest and tasteful 800 feet high wind turbines on their land, should be applauded…

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